What does a membership include?
We have two memberships, an All Inclusive Monthly Membership that includes live Zoom classes AND unlimited access to our full on-demand library, and our On-Demand Monthly Membership that gives you unlimited access to our on-demand library only. Both memberships include exclusive access to our Building a Foundation course, as well as our Ballet Glossary videos.

Is this taking the place of your YouTube membership?
Yes! After February, we will no longer be adding any new member classes to YouTube, and all live classes will run through our website. Members have until March 15th to cancel their YouTube membership, at which point your membership will be canceled for you if you have not already done so.

If I was a YouTube member, do I have to sign up for a new membership?
Yes, you are responsible for canceling your YouTube membership and signing yourself up for a membership at kmandfriends.com. If you need help canceling your YT membership, you can find instructions HERE.

Will I have access to the same content that was in your membership on YouTube?
Yes! And depending on the level of membership you had, you may have access to more content than you did previously. But all member content that was on YouTube is here on our website, and it is all available to both member levels.

If I purchased on-demand content on your old website, will I still have access to that content?
If you purchased a variation workshop on our old website, we will make sure to get you access to the same content on this site. This access is not available right this moment (as of March 6th) but rest assured that once we get everything sorted out you WILL have access to these videos again. It's worth noting that if you are planning on signing up for either membership, you will also get automatic access to all variation courses.

If you purchased the Video Audition Course, you should have received an email from us with instructions on how to retain access to that content.

If you don't seem to have access to content that you've already paid for, please email us at sayhi@kmandfriends.com for assistance!

When are the livestream classes?
These will change from month to month, based on our teachers' schedules. 

What types of livestream classes are offered?
Each month there will be at least three types of livestream classes scheduled: 
1 - Technique Classes: These are one hour, include barre and center, and are leveled by Advanced Beginner and Int/Adv.
2 - Strength & Stretch: This is a 30-45 minute full body, ballet-inspired workout designed specifically to help dancers strengthen their technique.
3 - Express Class: This is a 30-45 minute, fast-paced ballet class. These are teach-as-you-go style, which means that combinations are given while dancing (not before). This class is recommended for a dancer comfortable with at least an intermediate level class.

How much does it cost?
Our All Inclusive Monthly Membership is $49.99/mo, and our On-Demand Monthly Membership is $29.99/mo.
If you don't want the benefits of a membership, you are able to rent on-demand videos for varying price points between $5 and $20, as well as sign up for individual livestream classes that are priced between $15 and $20.

Who teaches the classes?
Kathryn Morgan, former soloist at New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet, teaches the majority of the classes. Going forward, we plan to add a host of renowned guest teachers.

Are there classes for all levels?
There are! At the moment, the majority of our classes are appropriate for an intermediate level or higher, but we have some technique classes that are specific to beginners and are rapidly adding more. Live classes are available for multiple levels, and our Strength & Stretch classes are perfect for dancers of all levels. Variation courses can be modified for many levels, and we will be adding more of these specifically for different levels going forward.

How do I know which classes are appropriate for my level?
If you go to the On Demand page, clicking on “Filters”, and then “Intensity” will allow you to filter by class level.

What do I need for these classes?
For ballet you’ll need a barre, or a chair or counter that can act like a barre. Something sturdy and the correct height for your body. For the Strength & Stretch classes a yoga or exercise mat can be helpful. Sometimes we’ll use lightweight equipment, but often this will be optional.

How do I sign up for a live class?
Go to the “Class Schedule” tab on our website, and click “Sign Up” next to the class you’d like to take. If you’re an All Inclusive member, you still need to sign up up for live classes to secure your spot and get the Zoom link.

How do I access an On Demand class?
You can purchase a rental of any on demand class at varying price points. Your rental will be available to watch immediately upon purchase. If you need to return to your rental during the 24hr period, you can find it from the On Demand tab, using the Filter and clicking on "Taken By Me".

To gain access to the entire on demand library for unlimited use, purchase either our All Inclusive Monthly Membership or our On-Demand Monthly Membership.

I love the On Demand video I'm watching — how can I easily find that again?
Below videos, you'll see a heart icon. Clicking that will add the video to your Favorites, which you can then access using the Filter feature on the On Demand page of our website.

Can I cancel anytime?
Of course! We want you to love the platform and stay with us but also understand things change. Canceling is super easy.
Make sure you’re logged into our website, and then open your account by clicking the "My Account" tab at the top of this page.
Tap "Active Packages.”
Click the "..." next to your membership, then click "cancel."
You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. You can also email sayhi@kmandfriends.com if you ever need more assistance.