Private Coaching with Kathryn

Struggling with pirouettes?

Private coaching can be an excellent tool to help you navigate spots where you may get a little stuck on your own! Use private time with Kathryn to address things like: 

  • breaking down a new step from class
  • finessing a tricky passage from a new variation
  • preparing for a performance or competition.

Kathryn offers private coaching in one of two ways:

  1. A live private lesson over Zoom
  2. Video coaching, where you send in a video and Kathryn sends you her feedback!

Private Lessons

A 30 or 60 minute private with Kathryn, over Zoom, where you focus on exactly what you need! Please come warmed up so you can dive right in.

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Video Coaching

Perfect if you're working on a variation or video audition! Send up to 5 minutes of footage, and Kathryn sends back personalized feedback.

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